By Wagner Vila Sresthas (José Araujo Wagner) and Hilda Rádhá Govinda (Hilda Cipriano de Acácio) [*]


The word Boson derives from the name of the Indian scientist Satyendranath Bose, that in the decade of twenty (20), oriented Einstein to qualify subatomic particles. As a physics professor from the DACCA University, Satyendranath Bose conducted Peter Higgs to formulate his theory about the existence of a Ri (field) whose “Krsna Particles” or “God Particles” would be mass suppliers to the particles of the Standard Pattern.

Time, communication, and the clock don’t stop inside the black hole. Considered as “the design-man” and the most intelligent physician from the academy, the English Stephen Hawking compromised his entire work, defending the thermal death from everything, with the universe recreating itself from the emptiness, from nothing. Following the calling of his aristocrat Bertrand Russell and of the French mathematician Hilbert, he replaced the experimental acquisition, the millennial tradition Vaishnava, the real knowledge by inconsistent completeness. Disposing the existence of an intelligent creator, a God, trying to impose his inconsequent empiricism to the physical law of Karma or dialectics of nature, Stephen Hawking said he did not believe in the existence of Boson of Higgs, or the sound vibration NAD (1P NADATI) named by the Indian physicist Satyendranath Bose as the Particle of Krsna.

Using the assumptions of Marc Mars, from the University of Salamanca and Joseph M. M. Senovilla and Rail Vera, from the University of the Basque Country, who predicted the end of time. Drawing on studies of Penrose, whose conjecture predicted the end of the time with the Big-Bang. Making their ideas of Emil J. Martinec and Savdeep S. Sethi, from the University of Chicago, and Daniel Robbins, the A&M University, as well as Eva Silverstein, from the Stanford University among others who developed studies on the holographic principle of the theory of the strings in 4-D, whose frozen Brana within the limits of the speed of light, where space and time would not “serve” more to give structure to the world. Stephen Hawking has formulated from hence its tortuous theory of loss of causality, discarding in the great space media to the “disturbed person” of God.

The Vedic literature consolidated of the oral transmission to the Classic Sanskrit by Vyasadeva and for the English language by Srila Prabhupada deals with the aforesaid brahmananda system, the field of Higgs, Cosmo Vertical the residence of the demigod, Brahma, a representation of a continuous curve in space time in Quantum World.

In the same way that the English Indianists reduced for only 1500 (one thousand and five hundred) years A. C. the dating of the flourishing period of the Vedic tradition of 10,000 (ten thousand) years A. C.; As well as the German archaeologists that labeled the Mesopotamia as the sub frame oldest city state of human civilization, not taking into account the civilizations of the Hindu Valley which gave rise to civilizations: Egyptian, Sumerian, Greek and others; Stephen Hawking, even counting with the projections of Roger Penrose and with the gravitational system of Einstein, to confirm that the bodies densely heavy tend to become black holes, he made use of one of the hypotheses of Schwarzschild, referring to the star charts, (or stopped time T= 0), to impose its tortuous conclusion of the not causal origin of the world.

In the Vedic Vaishnava Mechanical NAD or The Drop, the Word is the Unitary Operator, whose Function of the Wave is to keep the information accurate, complete in itself. The Holographic experience, defined by Riemeneana metric 4-D and not Minkowskeana 4-D – ADS/CFT principles of CFT duality, confirm the error practiced by Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking has lost a bet of 100 (one hundred) dollars, affirming the non-existence of Boson of Krsna, or Boson of God, the Gravitational Field Brahmananda Quantum revealed to Peter Higgs by the Indian Satyendranath Bóse.

In Vedic Vaishnava Academic Science instructed by Srila Prabhupada we learn that the universe in which we live was designed, programmed and built in accordance with the supreme intelligence, through the cosmic architects oriented by the demigod Brahma. Being the cosmic explosions, the example of the Big-Bang 20 (twenty billion) of light years, events localized in the Brahma Loka Universe. Since “Sarva-loka-mahesvaram”, behind all the minimal events within the particles and the universes, Krsna is the last primary cause.

The atheist conception of the scientist Stephen Hawking is that life itself and the life of the entire universe is only one state of the matter, that only depends on certain conditions and there’s no academic comprehensive validity.

The experiences of the scientist Weismann proved that the evolutionary theories of Lamarck and Charles Darwin were wrong. Mangling tail of mice, necks of giraffes and paws of capuchin monkeys, Weismann has proved that the characters acquired in the middle are not transmitted to the offspring. The evolution of 8,400,000 (eight million four hundred thousand) species described in the Veda due the climate adjustments serve to refute the creationist materialistic evolution defended by Stephen Hawking.

The Neopilina mollusk found 4.8 thousand meters deep in Peru, by the North Americans scientists, which dates from 500 million years and the experiences with genes showed that for each family of specie, there was always a Matrix Logarithmic (Giva). This applies to the study of the mass, particles, stars and the origin of the universe.

It is reported that up to the present moment Stephen Hawking failed to build its metric – mathematically exact – in accordance with the changes for a moment “G” of Einstein so as a Metric of Schwarzschild, the Metric of Kerr, the Metrics of Reissner-Nordström and the Metrics of Kerr-Newman that described the black holes, the Metric Of Friedman-Robertson -Walker (FRW), used in cosmology as a model of an expanding universe, the Metric of Gödel used in cosmology as a model of a universe in rotation and the Metrics of pp-waves which describes several types of gravitational waves.

Mostly because there is distorted information, invented and scientifically inconsistent; the declarations of Stephen Hawking that: “Gravity is the law that replaces God. God is unnecessary to explain the creation. Because there is a law as the gravity which shows how the universe can and must be created from the absolute emptiness.” They must be deleted given the fact that nothing comes from nothing.

Nine years before Stephen Hawking formulated his studies on the principle: “Given the mass difference in function of the area of other quantities identified with the formula of the first principle of thermodynamic… the black holes would have a proportional temperature to the gravity of the surface”; the wise Vaishinava Srila Prabhupada published the principles of astronomical Vedic science: “After the dissolution of the material universe, where its radiant energy is minimized of chaos, black hole, to the fabric of impersonal refulgence Brahman. And also, when the universes are created, which is done by the orientation of command of Sir Vishnu (Krsna God), this whole absorbed energy reappear. This way each universe is destroyed and recreated”.

Stephen Hawking used the calculations of the Israeli scientist Jacob Bekenstein from that theoretical consideration of Generalized Relativity (general) and of classical thermodynamics, considered that the black holes would have well defined entropy, and consequently would have also a well-defined temperature.

In the Vedic system of cosmology, the theory M has the model to validate, confirming its equations. The splashy membranes of communication of the mind, intelligence and false ego combined, which involves the non-material Jivatma particle, rely on the Paramatma particle- a tensor of curvature with huge amount of internal and external energy, as requires the uncertainty principle of Heisenberg, ensuring its fluctuations.

Stephen Hawking has only identified one of the laws of the phenomenon: “where, in horizon of events, the antiparticle falls into the black hole, by presenting positive energy”. It is a study of quantum fluctuations of vacuum, the uncertainty principle of Heisenberg. However, the calculations of Stephen Hawking for the radiation emitted by black holes are wrong. Since, in Quantum Theory of Field, there is no loss of information of black holes.

“Mathematics is the alphabet with which God created the universe” (Galileo)


[*] Journalists: Wagner Vila Sresthas (José Araujo Wagner – DRT nº 7800) and Hilda Rádhá Govinda (Hilda Cipriano de Acácio – DRT nº 7801)