SIDNEY [ ABN NEWS ] — Many tourism destinations move down the path of visibility, but few have had the stamina to plough on nonstop as we have all seen the Seychelles do. The success of their tourism industry can be partly attributed to their nonstop stamina to play press and to spread the news about their islands.

Situated virtually on the equator and just outside the cyclonic and tsunami belts, Seychelles enjoys a climate they describe as perpetual summer. Their clean and white sandy beaches lapped by clear and clear turquoise blue seas would have remained their best kept secrets had they not been steadfast in disseminating information daily about their unique beauty and also about what has been happening in their country.

ETurboNews has been associated with the Seychelles ever since Alain St.Ange, the current Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture was appointed Director of Marketing for the islands. That was some two-and-a-half years ago. Minister St.Ange was then to become CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board before being appointed last March as Minister in President James Michel’s government.

Even for press consortiums, the nonstop pounding of reports from Seychelles gets anyone to sit up and take notice. Something is always happening, and Seychelles has been able to succeed where many other destinations are improvising. They hosted Routes AFrica 2012 alongside the RETOSA Board meeting, the ICTP Conference, and the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands meeting, all one after the other in July this year, and this week they announced that they are hosting the Confederation of African Football (CAF) Conference this coming September.

Their determination in being leaders in the field of tourism has paid off, but their unwavering drive to be seen and to be heard has brought Seychelles to the forefront and spoken about at every conference and tourism forum.

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